About Us

Shanghai HIUV New Materials Co., Ltd.is a high-tech film technology company focusing on  R&D and manufacturing of new film materials,  and is committed to provide high level film products, technical support  and total solutions for customers in various fields.

HIUV is famous for strong R&D strength, innovation and leading technology, and full range of products in PV module encapsulation industry. HIUV has become the PV module encapsulation material quality and technical benchmarking company. HIUV ‘s all kinds of solar PV modules encapsulation materials has been widely recognized by the industry. The products have been used by mainly power generation group and first-line PV module manufacturers. HIUV always maintains a global leading position in the high quality encapsulation materials with anti PID and anti snail tracks abilities. HIUV provides a cost-effective encapsulation solutions for customer’s long term durability PV modules.

HIUV also took the lead in developing the high yield encapsulation films for transparent or white bi-facial PV modules, white EVA for standard PV modules to increase power efficiency successfully, and POE film for PERC mono, n-TOPCon, HJT bi-facial module with super anti-PID abilities. HIUV’s products help PV module manufactures to find a new approach to reduce cost, improve quality and increase efficiency. After the rapid development in recent years, HIUV has become one of the most important encapsulation materials suppliers in solar PV industry.

In the future, basing on the rapid development of the new energy industry, HIUV will gradually enter into the fields of the automotive films, building materials films and civil home films, and open up new directions and fields to achieve cross-industry sustainable development.